game over :(

my brother turned 30
he also taught me how to play nintendo waaaaaaay back in the day
and so
a 30th birthday gift

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aaaaah i grow weary of crochet

and just about everything else lately. things! blah! work! no! domesticcrap! aaaaugh!

ummmnnn. yeah. that is for my mom. she keeps saying "fo' shizzle." it was supposed to be a birthday present but i'm not very punctual.

trying to knit again. all is good, as usual, except until the stitches slide off the needle and i throw a tantrum because i can't fix it, so i start crocheting again because i can fix crochet. maybe i should just crochet something....grah.

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recent updates
aieeee october! yes yes san
diego caught on fire and i had a week off...
by weeta (6/17/10 9:13 PM)
chanson en crochet I made
this for my great aunt. I was really worried about...
by weeta (12/27/07 9:55 PM)
sucks to california. the pumpkin
did not last until halloween. hardly even 2 days! of...
by weeta (11/1/07 9:42 PM)
capelet I made this thing.
pattern is on Craftster somewhere...really easy & quick, if I...
by weeta (7/1/07 10:12 PM)
failed experiment my cat keeps
licking the fur off his belly. so i figured he...
by weeta (6/23/07 6:15 PM)
game over :( my brother
turned 30 he also taught me how to play nintendo...
by weeta (5/31/07 11:17 PM)
boo this was supposed to
fit on my hand but my hands arent as gargantuan...
by weeta (5/20/07 11:45 AM)
mmmmmmmmmmhm i got a new the library direction. it is the equivalent of special...
by weeta (5/15/07 7:43 PM)
wait, what? i got laid
off. the whole freaking office did, to be completely accurate....
by weeta (4/5/07 2:45 PM)
christ this takes forever. but
someday i'll have some sleeves! probably in july at the...
by weeta (2/27/07 5:59 PM)

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