Thursday, 5. April 2007
wait, what?

i got laid off. the whole freaking office did, to be completely accurate. this is fantastic news, and i've had interviews every other day or so, so it's all alright i guess.

i can't finish anything though. here is what is going on. i am neglecting the belly dance footless sandals in order to write this, too.

the day after they announced the layoff (a month ago?) i got two huge men's thrift store sweaters, cotton & cashmere, unraveled them, and am making two shirts. so far. i have a feeling i will have extra yarn. and i'm also doing the foot things. completely ridiculous, but they go with the ridiculousness that is belly dancing. ha!

and today i stumbled upon someone's dead grandmother's stash at the thrift store. tons of needles & hooks...$8. dead grandma, or whoever, thanks a bunch!

and shouldn't i be painting? i paint! why haven't i painted in years? i need to paint. paint is such a messy pain in the ass.

i made jello shots this morning. yessss.

belly dance is going all kinds of well, there's a group performance on may 5, and we have a dress rehearsal at a university's cultural fair next saturday. i am peeing myself over all of this. almost. i still can't quite 3/4 shimmy and breathe at the same time. nice.

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