Wednesday, 28. February 2007
christ this takes forever.

but someday i'll have some sleeves! probably in july at the rate this is going. grah! worse than layering acrylic paint but just as satisfying once all the tedium is done, i guess.

ah so
contemplating library school for slackers, also applied for the sdpl 'pool.' i have been plodding through work in a state of semi-sanity soley because i have been listening to mr. ira glass all day. i about freaked yesterday because the podcasts weren't working, and i became suspicious that perhaps they blocked the site at work, but today it was working again. GOOD because i was seriously starting to consider buying the darn mp3s, which would add up quickly, and i don't know if i'd listen to many of them more than once. i ended up getting a phone# error today (big no no in telephone directory land) because i was so giddy that it was freaking back and i didn't have to listen to the kid next to me snort his clear his throat, snort his mucous, and cough back up his mucous (repeat) all day.

ah, i really just wanted to type nonsense i think. i need to do more with paint and stuff. and more dancing. and more in general. but i get home from work and munch on kashi and sit here in a half stupor in front of another computer monitor instead. argh.

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