set up us the 2007

xmess was a success & everyone liked their stuff. heh.

my mom got me a drawing table but UPS banged it all up, so we're trying to see if the art store will exchange it or what. it wasn't a cheap table. i hate UPS lately. they won't leave $5 amazon boxes on my porch, or at the rental office....but they'll throw my drawing table off the truck and leave it on my moms porch and sneak off without a signature. NICE. farkers.

this week i want to finish my skull sweater.
i need to get some presents for my brother & his wife.

and then starts the gre madness.
and also more of an attempt to find a better job. fix up portfolio.
four years ago i lost almost 40 lbs; i've happily maintained my size (give/take 10 lbs of muscle, yay muscle!!) since - but it taught me that being fat might be easy, more comfortable, though unhealthy and only leading to gaining more weight...change was not easy but it's just as comfortable to overcome fear and stay healthy.
and there's no reason i can't apply that to getting out of my cubicle. it ain't going to be as comfortable or "easy" as staying, but i'll be happier if i do it. overtime fatigue is worse than squeezing into size ten jeans trauma ;)

some other things for 2007-
keep a better checkbook / try to use cash instead of spending too much with debit
sew more
sketch / do atcs

i'm sure i'll think of more...

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i'm just going to keep this & update it whenever it needs updating..

• play around with knitting/crocheting with eventual goal of sweater, kneesocks, tights? beaded/coined bellydance scarf (yeah! ! right!!!!)
• blutkind crossstitch; also embroider on clothes
• samplers:

  • kmfdm dogma
  • pigface sweetmeat
  • front 242 til death us do part
    • sealab red dawn 'shut up' embroidery or xstitch
    • embroider shirts/skirts for work
    • book for my dad for xmas
    fingerless gloves
    mummy costume!
    skulls for frame
    bellydance hip scarves
    beatles xstitch for my sister's apartment
    • acrylic painting for art show @ work (deadline oct.18) (oops. right. work. pfh.)
    catnip bats for my fuzzies + humane society

currently working on: mummy costume!! blutkind xstitch ... sketch for painting ... catnip bats ... YARN stuff.

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